Precision Machining Tools at a Better Price

DC Products is a premier manufacturer of specialized precision machining, grinding and lathe tooling products and accessories, based in Dayton, MN and serving machine shops throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Machine shop owners seeking precise tools and techniques for work holding and precision machining are often forced to rely upon a limited selection of tools. The high cost of many lathe tooling products and other machining parts can be a source of frustration, particularly when no alternatives exist. DC Products develops precision machining tools to meet the needs of machine shops and CNC equipment distributors seeking lower cost alternatives.

DC’s flagship product, Accu-Stop, is a precision lathe stop for work pieces that is safer, more precise and more durable than competing products. DC’s second product, a high quality Wheel Flange, provides a lower cost alternative to OEM hubs, typically with a faster turn-around.

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DC Products
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Dayton, MN 55369

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Toll-Free: 888.545.5559

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Precision machining, grinding, and lathe tooling products and accessories at affordable prices.